Currently Hiring Speech Therapists For:

- California (Therapists that live in CA)
- California (Therapists that live outside of CA but but are licensed in CA)
- Texas (Therapists that live in TX)
- Texas: (Therapists that live outside of TX but are licensed in TX)
- Arizona (Therapists that live in AZ)
- Arizona: (Therapists that live outside of AZ but are licensed in AZ)
- Florida: (Therapists that live in FL)
- Florida: (Therapists that live outside of FL but are licensed in FL)

States Where You Only Need To Be Licensed But Can Live Anywhere:

- Ohio
- Georgia
- Alaska
- Colorado
- West Virginia
- Connecticut
- New York
- Pennsylvania
- Oregon
- Utah
- Illinois
- Wisconsin
- Arkansas
- South Carolina
- Tennessee
- Wyoming
- Washington DC
- Alabama
- Washington (State)
- New Mexico
- Louisiana

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